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Unum Leave Logic

Why we’re different

Leave Logic improves the experience for both employer and employee as they navigate the complexities of leave. Our automated system helps them save time and ease anxiety during the leave process.

Personalize the employee experience and make HR’s job easier

We help put the pieces together so you and your employees can focus on what matters most.

How Unum Leave Logic helps employees

  • Confidential leave planning

    Employees can learn about their leave options and plan before disclosing a life event.

  • Simple self-service tools

    Benefits and policy information are at employees’ fingertips.

  • One-stop shopping

    Leave Logic puts federal, state, and employer policies and benefits all in one place.

How Unum Leave Logic helps HR

  • Better benefits utilization

    Employees take advantage of the valuable benefits you offer because they can easily see and understand them.

  • Less explaining

    Decision-support technology makes federal and state leave legislation easy to understand, cutting down on questions for you.

  • Easier compliance

    Employee get proactive reminders to take important actions like filing requests or notifying HR and their manager.

Helping your employees every step of the way

Our pioneering leave-decision support educates and guides your employees through every step of the process. Compare our standard features with what other companies offer.

Feature Unum Leave Logic supports Other companies
Guidance on all federal and state leave laws 100% 50%
Navigation of all leave events 100% 50%
Corporate leave policies, from maternity to sabbatical 100% 25%
Multiple life event and intermittent planning 100% 0%
Timeline visual of coordination of benefits 100% 0%
Confidential and pre-claim planning workflow 100% 0%
All steps in TPA & absence-vendor processes 100% 75%
Education on all types of insurance benefits, from any carrier 100% 50%
Education on all employer-offered health & welfare benefits 100% 25%
Employee Leave-Plan sharing with managers and HR 100% 0%
Personalized employee education and planning 100% 0%
How-tos for state filing and benefits utilization 100% 25%
Curated employee to-do list 100% 25%
Accessible 24/7 100% 75%

Internal Unum Analysis, 2022. Percentages are estimates.

Praise for Unum Leave Logic

“Leave Logic’s intuitive platform empowers employees...It is a valuable tool [that] truly fills the gaps left by traditional leave vendors.”

Maria Trapenasso, VP, HR Solutions

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“Leave Logic delivers a remarkable platform [that] engages employees and provides the tools and information they need and helps Leave Managers by freeing them from repetitive queries.”

Jerry Nepon-Sixt, Partner Alliance Manager

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“It has been wonderful working with Leave Logic [and] required almost no effort on our part…Leave Logic stands out above most.”

Jenifer McMahon, Principal

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