Simple Evidence of Insurability (EOI) solutions

Our digital solutions enable employees to easily complete their EOI during enrollment.

Our EOI systems provide a straightforward process—for HR and applicants

Evidence of Insurability, also known as EOI, often presents challenges for administrators, who need to coordinate between employees, employers, and insurance carriers for information requests. We’ve solved this problem! We make EOI easy for everyone.

Integrated EOI for better enrollment

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EOI needn’t be a long and drawn-out process. Our fully digital and mobilized solutions allow for swift approval and transfer of information, with 85% of applicants getting a decision instantly1—so they can get the coverage they need, painlessly.

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We make things easy for plan administrators and applicants, no matter their size or their enrollment process. With three fully digital options to choose from, every one of our clients will find a simple, digital EOI solution that fits their needs.

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Our EOI dashboard provides quick and transparent information on decision status for plan administrators, and applicants receive clear information directly from our EOI portal when they complete their online statement of health.

Three digital integration options to manage EOI

We have three fully digital and mobile-optimized solutions for EOI that contribute to an easy enrollment. 
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Approximately 85% of applicants will get an instant decision

Our streamlined process simply requires answering a few personalized questions, tailored to the applicant’s needs, while they apply for coverage. When we’re unable to make a coverage decision instantly, the applicant usually will need to provide additional medical information or complete a paramedical exam.
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Transparency for Plan Administrators

Our system gives plan administrators an easily visible summary view on the home page of their Unum benefits portal that shows:

  • A summary view of all recent EOI decisions and any applications with outstanding information
  • For pending coverage decisions, detailed views on where the employee and a dependent is in the application process – without showing any protected health information
  • What actions Unum or the applicant must still take before a decision can be made
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What happens if EOI is “pended”?

Unum will contact the employee directly for any remaining information needed once they’ve completed their online statement of health.

The employee will receive a letter at his/her home address once a decision has been made, and the plan administrator will be notified of each EOI decision through Unum’s administrative website.

1. Unum internal data, 2021

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