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MyUnum makes digital benefits easy for employers, their brokers, and their HR teams.

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Start in weeks, not months

Get going quickly and skip manual tasks with online information capture, a personal dashboard and onboarding specialists
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Easier, more effective enrollments

Engage employees and help them make smart decisions with simple online tools, easy-to-understand education and tailored communications.
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Empower instant EOI decisions

Build the EOI process seamlessly into the enrollment flow, with instant decisions in 85% of cases and clear visibility for HR.
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Quit digging through files

Streamline administration with all documents in one place, simplified summaries and employee benefit information across all plans.
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Manage billing in minutes

Stay up to date with payment options, a single invoice across plans, real-time bill generation, helpful notifications and optional auto-pay.
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Clear your inbox

Save time and stress by providing employees with mobile and online resources, including one-click access to live support.

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MyUnum makes great benefits easy to administer.