EOI streamlined with HR tech solutions

September 24, 2021
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APIs have brought a consumer-level experience to benefits enrollment

Historically, it was rare for different HR systems — payroll, benefits administration, and absence management — to easily communicate and share data.

Now APIs are enabling not just the sharing of data but deep integration between different platforms and databases.

This deep integration reduces friction for both employers and employees through simple self-service enrollment, secure data transfer, and the end of manual data entry.

These integrations make digital Evidence of Insurability a breeze

If an employee elects additional coverage that requires Evidence of Insurability, these API-enabled integrations eliminate the need to input the same information into a new digital form — it’s automatically transferred over. The employee only needs to answer a few additional questions, not start all over with basic info.

Rather than waiting several weeks to get an answer, they will get a decision in seconds. Back-end algorithms and underwriting processes allow for quick responses. At Unum, 85% of applicants receive an immediate decision.1

Your carrier should tailor their EOI solution to your needs

While digital EOI is a major advance for employers and their employees, you want to select a carrier who provides a solution that meets your specific needs, and not a one-size-fits-all approach. Here are a few possible options:

  • If you use an HCM like Workday®, ADP®, or UKG®, you’ll want an embedded app that integrates the statement of health into the system you’re already using.
  • If you self-manage employee eligibility, the best solution may be a custom web link that leads to a secure online portal specific to your business.
  • You can also get an enrollment link that’s automatically emailed to employees or provided to a Plan Administrator.

Whatever option suits your company, it should pre-populate all data that’s already been entered elsewhere about the employee, their dependents, and their level of coverage. The employee should only have to input answers to the required additional questions.

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Let your carrier guide the employee through the selection and enrollment process

Streamlined EOI, while essential, must be complemented with robust education and enrollment support.

Educating your employees about the benefits available to them is a key part of recruiting and retaining top talent. Overworked HR teams often don’t have time to help individual employees troubleshoot enrollment issues or sift through the details of different policies.

Your carrier knows their product — and the market for that product — better than almost anyone. Beyond an easy enrollment experience, look for a carrier that offers robust, on-demand support as well as a comprehensive library of educational resources. This should include automated support like chatbots as well as easy access to live support via email or phone.

Similarly, your HR team can’t track the individual enrollment progress of every single employee. Your carrier, however, should be able to offer automated email reminders to employees who have not yet completed enrollment.

Find a digital solution that meets you where you are

The transformation of HR tech has turned one of the biggest enrollment headaches into a simple task. As you look for a carrier, consider what digital approach to EOI works best for your business and select a partner who will tailor their product to your needs.

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