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Group Long Term Care Insurance

Unum no longer sells new group or individual policies for Long Term Care (LTC) insurance, but we are servicing existing policies.

Assessing the future of your long term care policy

Our decision to discontinue selling new LTC policies does not affect our current policies. We will continue to administrate current policies and provide the same benefits, services and support for Long Term Care. To do so, we expect rate increases to be ongoing as we work to keep existing policies priced appropriately to meet future claim obligations.

We recognize past and potential future rate actions may have a financial impact on your policy, so we encourage you to explore these policy solutions to determine what option is best for you and your employees.

These resources can help with navigating concerns you may have or to determine whether to terminate, close or change your group LTC plan.

Types of financial impacts

Policy rate increases

Rate increases vary by state, product and pricing strategy. While some states have permitted implementation of the full requested rate increase either as a flat or as a multi-year increase, other states have permitted only a partial rate increase. For partial rate increase approvals, we intend to request additional increases with the goal of achieving the full rate increase.

New enrollee pricing

This affects new enrollees on active group policies and may be significantly higher than current rates. We are implementing new rates for new enrollees on all policy series.

History of increases

We've been raising rates and introducing new pricing on GLTC plans since 2013.

  • 2013: Unum started increasing rates on B.LTC and GLTC95 policies. This affected all plan designs. View pricing by state for B.LTC/GLTC95 2013.

  • 2018: Unum offers new pricing for New Enrollees on B.LTC and GLTC95 policies, which are higher than original rates.  View pricing by state for B.LTC/GLTC95 2018.

  • 2019: Unum begins another set of rate increases on B.LTC, GLTC95 and GLTC04, impacting plan designs with Inflation Protection. View pricing by state for B.LTC/GLTC95 2019 and GLTC04 2019.

  • 2022: Unum introduces New Enrollee pricing for GLTC04 policies from the mid-2000s to 2012 and implements additional new enrollee pricing for B.LTC and GLTC95 policies. View pricing by state for B.LTC/GLTC95 2022 and GLTC04 2022.

  • 2024: Unum implements more rate increases on B.LTC, GLTC95 and GLTC04, like those in 2013, affecting all plan designs.

Unum is here to help

Do you wonder if employees still value this benefit? Are you questioning if offering the benefit is worth the cost of the plan? Are you concerned about future rate increases? If so, you aren't alone, and it may be time to take action on your Group LTC plan. Unum offers several solutions, including freezing, changing or terminating your plan. Unsure where to start? We can guide you through your options to find the best fit for your organization.

We’ve helped so many group policyholders just like you choose what to do with their plans. Click below to learn how they made decisions about their plans.

Actions to take with your GLTC policy

Freeze icon

Freeze future enrollments 

Stop new enrollments, but maintain a group bill for your currently covered employees for the convenience of payroll deductions.

Eliminate icon

Terminate the policy

Discontinue your obligations as plan administrator, and remove your involvement in any future rate increases by terminating the group policy. Employees will pay their premium directly to Unum.

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Explore plan changes

Update your GLTC plan design by reducing benefit options and thereby reducing your premiums.

All day, everyday — helpful information about your GLTC policy

From policy details to plan designs, find it all on a website built specifically for your GLTC policy. 

Designed by Unum, a GLTC Infosite is a website created for plan administrators and employees to easily find answers or download important forms. Each site is built to have:

  • Policy specific rates
  • Available plan designs
  • Enrollment materials
  • Coverage change forms
  • Interactive coverage cost calculator

Commonly asked questions about long term care policies

Employers and HR Professionals

We want to help you with your Group Long Term Care policy.

Email us for more information or to speak with a Unum representative about your Group Long Term Care policy.

If you are an insured and need support with your coverage, please call the Unum Customer Contact Center at