Footers appear on every page. The main site uses the standard footer and landing pages typically use a simplified version of the footer that removes most of the navigation.

The Footer is set up the same way and used through the entirety of the site. The standard site footer is comprised of these items:

  • Utility Actions: Solutions, Connect with us, Our Company, and Follow us
  • Company logo
  • Legal disclaimer
  • Utility links: Privacy, Legal notices, Compensation Disclosure, Accessibility, Personal Information

When to use

  • A footer should be included on every page
  • For landing pages, use the simple version of the footer

Component properties

The footer component does not have any component properties at this time.


The footer is a full width component and therefore is not placed into any frames.

Sitecore field(s):

Navigation Link Groups

  • Treelist

Social Share Links

  • Treelist

Social Share Title

  • Single Line Text Field


  • Image


  • Multi Line Text Field

Footer Description

  • Multi Line Text Field

Footer Utility Links

  • Treelist


The standard footer has a placeholder that only accepts a New Content component above the social media links. Typically a callout for logging in is placed here.

Image specs

Currently the only imagery being used on the footer is the logo image. This Unum logo has a fixed height of 30px.


The footer follows standard full width vertical spacing rules.

Content Variations