The Slider component, also known as carousel, is a full width component that allows multiple cards to be inserted. This component is only available for Unum's pages, it has not been built for Colonial Life pages. Only carousel cards can be used within the Slider component. Each carousel card has a default hover state showing a "Read more" blurb as well as a zoom in on the card's asset. The "Read more" is there by default and cannot be removed currently.

Features and specs

The Slider component has a Heading field, and main CTA named ExploreAll in Sitecore content editor. The content within the cards must be within the character limitations or the cards will break, pushing the content/icons outside of the border.

The Character limits are:

  • Headline: 69 characters or less (approx. 16 words or less)
  • Description: 96 characters or less (approx. 22 words or less)
  • CTA: 5 words or less

Image Specifications:

  • 345w x 355h

Different categories will have specific icons, the categories are:

  • webinar
  • article
  • podcast
  • guide
  • report
  • event

Default Slider on Unum Homepage