The Breadcrumbs component is a scaffolding component used through out the site. Breadcrumbs are a wayfinding tool that helps users understand where they are in the architecture of a site and provides them a way to quickly traverse the section they are in.

Breadcrumbs should be present on all pages except for the homepage and landing pages that are not navigable from the main site. The current/active page does not need to be a link but should be plain text and visible to the user as an indicator of what page they are currently on. The other pages in the breadcrumb trail should be linked. 

This component is not configurable & does not have any properties.

Breadcrumb text is setup on the page item using the following fields:
  • Navigation Title
  • Browser Title
  • Show in Breadcrumb (checkbox)

The Navigation Title field & the Show in Breadcrumb checkbox can be found in the Navigation section of the page item & the Browser Title field can be found in the Metadata section of the page item.

If both fields are filled out, the text entered into the Navigation Title field will be used for the breadcrumb text. If only the Browser Title field is filled out, the text of the Browser Title field will be used for the breadcrumb text.