Video Banner


The Video Banner is a showcase banner to be used in culmination with the Video Dialog component. These components work together to create an engaging video experience for the users. The Video Banner specifically is designed with a short looping video that is played in the background. The CTAs for the Video Banner are what are used to attach the Video Dialog component and link to either forms or to the full-length Video.

When to use

Use of the video banner can be used at any position on the page when content being promoted is also tied to a video.

Component Properties

  • Action 1 Display
  • Action 2 Display
  • Heaing 1 Tag
  • Heading 1 Style
  • Text Alignment - Options for center align or left align. Refer to design.
  • Verical Spacing
  • Enable Eyebrow - Enable this for designs that call for the eyebrow


The video banner is a full-width component, therefore is not supported for use inside frames.


The video banner has no placeholder options.

Sitecore Fields

  • Heading Level 1
  • Heading Level 2
  • Action 1 - Can be either a form or video link attached to a dialog
  • Action 2 - If a form or other link is supplied in action 1, this action MUST be a video attached to the video dialog.
  • Full-width Image
  • Video URL - Vimeon URL that must have the extension of .mp4 within the URL (I.E.

Image Specs

Images provided to the full-width image field should be of dimensions 1920x1080px.