Introducing Unum Total LeaveTM

Unum is pleased to announce the launch of our new Total Leave solution, which transforms the way employers and their employees experience leave and absence administration.

A new solution for today's workforce

By leveraging a unique cloud-based ecosystem of technologies, Unum Total Leave implements absence management strategies for today’s workforce and delivers them through simple, digital experiences for both the employer and the employee.

Total Leave integrates Short Term Disability with corporate leave, federal leave and over 100 of the most commonly invoked state-mandated leaves. It will become the flagship component of our nationally recognized suite of leave and absence management offerings, which currently support more than 2.9 million employees in the United States.

screenshot of total leave

Streamlined administration for employers

Today’s employees have growing expectations for leave, which have increased the complexity of leave and absence management for employers. Total Leave simplifies the employer challenge by handling all aspects of leave administration through an interactive, data-rich dashboard.

All leave communications for employers are centralized in a single place, empowering them with reports and tools to help manage their workforce more effectively.

virtual chat assistant total leave

Simple engagement and caring support for employees

For employees, Total Leave transforms an often burdensome, confusing process into an easy, reassuring experience. A mobile-friendly, chat-based virtual leave assistant lets employees do more on their own, from planning a leave to receiving benefits through returning to work.

This rich self-service environment also helps reduce the number of employee inquiries coming into busy HR departments. And Total Leave issues payments to employees digitally, directly to their bank accounts, providing much-needed convenience for both the employer and the employee out on leave.

The entire process is backed by highly trained specialists who automatically step in to help for the most complex issues.

Total Leave is one more way we help the working world thrive throughout life’s moments.


Available to current and new leave and absence customers

Contact your Unum representative to learn more, or explore Total Leave on your own via our new immersive web experience.

  • New customers
    Sales partners will work with Unum representatives to identify clients that can benefit from Total Leave, with effective dates as early as January 1, 2022.
  • Current customers
    Current leave and absence management customers will be upgraded to Total Leave over the next few years, based on the availability of capabilities to support their needs. Unum representatives will work closely with sales partners as they reach out to clients about upgrading to Total Leave.