Health care reform updates

The Congressional effort to fully repeal the Affordable Care Act in 2017 stalled, and with the 2018 midterm elections producing divided government, the potential for repeal in the near term is near zero. But this by no means represents the end of the discussion about health care policy. The Administration has promoted executive orders designed to make other forms of health care coverage more prevalent, and some states have responded by attempting to prevent such arrangements. Meanwhile, premiums continue to grow at levels that are driving concern by the public, and proponents of a government run health care system are driving increasing attention to that concept.

In summary, there is no direct impact to our products today though this could cause market confusion as clients try to understand what this means for them moving forward.

Experts at Unum continue to follow the health care policy debate very closely, with a focus on the impact on the employer sponsored benefits markets. When there is a development with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) our experts will closely follow any significant changes or new proposals. When there is a development you need to know about, we’ll make sure it’s described in easy to understand language. Check this site often for new updates and click the links to the right to read previous releases and the latest updates.

Remember — you can reach out to your representative or email our team at any time if you have more questions.

Latest Update

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Trump Administration roles back health care regulations to expand access to coverage, some without ACA protections. For more information see below:

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