New employee digital self-enrollment

We are excited to offer everyone who uses Unum’s digital enrollment platform a time-saving new feature: digital self-enrollment for all new hires to elect their voluntary Unum benefits.

Why you should choose digital enrollment

New hires won’t need to fill out a paper form for their benefit elections and you won’t have to enter their elections into MyUnum. Instead, you simply enter the new employee’s demographic and eligibility info into MyUnum and select the option to send them an email with the enrollment link.

Imagery of users interacting with myUnum online enrollment tool
  • MyUnum automatically triggers the new hire enrollment flow — so there’s no new login or different experience to adjust to

  • High employee satisfaction with the new digital enrollment experience

  • Digital EOI that’s quick and easy — 85% of applicants receive their decision instantly

  • Captures beneficiary information automatically

  • No more need for HR to chase paperwork

  • Employees can easily model the per-pay-period cost

  • Final elections are processed and added to your bill automatically

  • NOTE: You may, of course, continue to use your current enrollment method if this works best for you; the choice is yours.

See how new hire enrollment works

Learn more about what to expect from this experience by watching this brief video. It will explain how you can create the link for your new hires, continue to log in as you do today, and select the options you want; it will also describe the advantages of our new system.

Please retain this link as a reminder for the future.