Simple, effective enrollment self-service

It’s crucial that employees understand and get the protection they need and HR isn’t swamped with questions. Our digital platform offers a simple, total self-service experience — so current employees easily make their choices during open enrollment and new ones can enroll online when they’re hired.

Starts with a simple email

Enrollment kicks off for employees when they receive an email that links to the online benefits selection experience. They easily access the system through a secure sign-in and move seamlessly into evaluating and choosing their benefits.

New hires needn’t fill out a paper form for their benefit elections — and you don’t have to enter their elections into MyUnum. Simply add the new employee’s demographic and eligibility info into MyUnum to send them an email with the enrollment link.

Quickly update key information

Once employees have accessed online enrollment, they can review the enrollment process and confirm their information as needed. Updating their personal information and managing dependents in one place ensures information is all up to date and avoids mistakes down the road.

Clear and understandable benefits selection experience

Available benefits are presented clearly for employees to review and select. As they make selections, they can add beneficiaries or select coverage levels, depending on the benefit. They can then review a summary of all their selections, including a total cost per pay period, before confirming enrollment.

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