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FMLA, ADA, Paid Family Leave... Your clients are overwhelmed

Almost every employee eventually needs some time off — to heal from an illness, to care for a family member or to welcome a new baby. Laws like the Family and Medical Leave Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act and New York's Paid Family Leave exist to help employees protect their jobs and finances when they have to be away from work.

But leave management and compliance is a challenging responsibility for your clients. Outsourcing leave and absence management to Unum can help them avoid the risks of noncompliance, as well as the complexities and challenges of managing leave in house.

Show them how to take leave worries off their plate

As an industry leader in leave and absence management, Unum has the tools, support and software to help you become an even more trusted advisor for your clients, and grow your business in the process. Share these valuable free resources with clients and boost your expertise:

FMLA Facts

Key information every employer should know.

Leading Paid Leave Policies
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Leave Competition Behind

Explore how companies use paid leave to engage top talent.

Real Results

Learn how fixing leave saved a manufacturer millions.

Leading-edge Solutions

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The risks are real

Failing to comply with leave regulations can cost your clients money and damage a firm's reputation. In 2017:

  • An airline was fined almost $2.5 million for violating the ADA and FMLA when it fired an employee suffering from kidney failure.1
  • A social service agency was fined $450,000 for FMLA noncompliance that was largely caused by a single supervisor.2

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1 Law360, SkyWest Hit With $2.5M Verdict In Fired Worker's ADA Suit, 2017.

2 U.S. District Court, District of Massachusetts, Boadi v. Center for Human Development, 2017.