Benefits portability & conversion

Integration with ADP Workforce Now makes it easy for HR to manage benefits portability and conversion, with the key employee details needed now pulled from the HCM system — saving time and simplifying the process

How it works for HR

  • Administration is simple — all that's needed is to provide the employee with Unum's 800 number when employment or previous benefits eligibility ends
  • Integration with ADP Workforce Now pulls the necessary employee coverage information. HR does not need to separately send employee information to Unum
  • No paper forms, no file feeds to manage and no requests from Unum for employee details

How it works for employees

  • After receiving Unum's 800 number from HR, the employee reaches out to Unum to learn more
  • Our team of portability and conversion specialists advises the employee of their options for each applicable benefit
  • Should the employee choose to move forward with portability or conversion, Unum will send a prefilled application directly to the employee